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RGB Lighting Panels
  • RGB Lighting Panels

    SKU: 364215376135191

    Beautiful custom made RGB backplate panels for your PC. Make you’re PC more personal to your style! You can put any image you want. Just send us some measurements and the design you desire.


    We offer hundreds of preselected designs aswell.


    Make sure too measure the length of the inside of your case and see how long and wide you want it to be and add your custom measurments. Make sure to round to the nearest preselected sizes we offer.

    ex. 35x8cm would be 45x12, 24x6cm would be 20x11cm

    If you have questions let me know!



    • Tech Specs

      Thickness: 5.5mm
      Compatible Motherboards: Asus, gigabyte, MSI, ASRock AURA 
      Compatible CPU: AMD and Intel 

    • Custom Orders

      • For custom orders 
      • Go down to "Send Your Desired Image Here" and add your image 
      • you may do this before or after placing your order.
      • Make sure your image is HD and not pixelated. 
      • place your order 
      • we will contact you asap with further information.
    $44.44 Regular Price
    $40.00Sale Price

    Send Your Desired Image Here

    (ignore if you chose a preselected design)

    Image must be HD and Clear


    upload status: Not started


    "Very easy to install. Looks Great. It has no effect on thermals while gaming, but it does add a little bit of weight to your GPU. One thing I would say is that the picture is not printed borderless, but it still looks good. Overall very pleased with the outcome, it adds touch and uniqueness to any build"

    Sarthak Mishra

    This was honestly amazing, I have never really ordered any custom PC items but I’m so glad I did and I’m so happy with my item, it did take a while to ship out but the seller took that into consideration and was very kind and even sent me a little something extra for it taking a while. I would def recommend people to pick something like this up.

    Festive Peanut

    "Love love love! Amazing work!"

    Amber Johnson

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